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Eraina of Divarai

ERaina Truss

Eraina Truss is a distinguished professional cosmetologist who has graced the beauty industry with her expertise for over 40 years. Her remarkable career spans an array of creative realms, including her recent debut in acting, adding another layer to her artistic repertoire. Eraina is not only a skilled cosmetologist but also a talented poet and songwriter, crafting words and looks with equal finesse. Her passion for education radiates through her role as an educator, where she generously shares her vast knowledge with aspiring beauty professionals. Her most notable achievement is the invention of the groundbreaking Diva Rai Waves technique, a true game-changer in hair styling that has earned her recognition throughout the industry. Beyond her contributions to beauty, Eraina serves as a trusted reinvention life coach, guiding individuals toward their true potential and helping them rediscover themselves. Her multifaceted talents and unwavering commitment to personal growth make her a true luminary in the beauty and self-improvement worlds.

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