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Eraina Truss will be sharing her knowledge on her technique, “Diva Rai Waves” Allowing people an exclusive view on this industry.

  • Day 1
  • November 25, 2023,

  • More Info:

    Gain valuable knowledge about the custom and retail products Eraina Truss uses for the Diva Rai Waves Technique.

    Introduction to Eraina Truss & Diva Rai Waves:

    Get to know Eraina Truss and the innovative Diva Rai Waves technique.

    Live Product Demo:

    Witness a step-by-step demonstration of how to create the custom leave-in conditioner and gel.

  • Day 2
  • November 26, 2023,


    Have a model come down to the studio and share a live in depth with instructions how exactly to complete the diva rai hairstyle



  • Day 3
  • November 27, 2023,

  • Business Structure:

    Explore the intricacies of being a successful hairstylist, from getting started in the industry to effective self-marketing.

    How to get started in the industry

    • How to market yourself

    Industry Secrets:

    Discover what sets Eraina Truss apart and the secrets to her success.

She will also be sharing insight on Scalp Analyzation. Discovering the root of hair loss and how to treat it.  Every participant will receive a “Eraina Truss Intro Kit” which will include

  • 1 Custom Gel for this technique,
  • 1 Custom Leave in conditioner for this technique
  • 2 combs for styling.


Reserve your spot below.


● $878 Per spot

● 8 spots available for ZOOM

● 8 spots are available for in-person

● 3-day Master Program Live and on ZOOM


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